Saturday, January 5, 2013

Name Round Up: Inspired by Capricorn

Maybe you're looking for a name that honors a certain zodiac sign, but using the name Capricorn is not your style. What do you do? I have a few suggestions!

The obvious answer would be to find names that have to do with goats, but I also looked at other symbols and virtues for Capricorn.

1. Amalthea. The name of the goat that suckled the infant Zeus and the creature that the constellation supposedly represents. There is also a connection to the fantasy classic The Last Unicorn.

2. Giles. It's a Medieval English name derived from the Latin name Aegidius, and an aegis is a goatskin shield.

3. Capella. Latin for "small female goat." It is also the name of a star.

4. Pan. Some believe that the constellation represents the god Pan.

5. Heidrun. An Old Norse name meaning "secret heath." In Norse mythology, Heidrun is a female goat that would eat the leaves from the Tree of Life and produce mead in her udders.

6. Jael. A feminine Hebrew name meaning "mountain goat." In the Old Testament, Jael is a woman who killed the captain of the Canaanite army.

7. Saturn. The planet that Capricorn is ruled by.

8. Duncan. Any name that has to do with the color brown will work for Capricorn. Duncan is a Gaelic name meaning "brown warrior."

9. Eartha. Capricorns are ruled by the element of earth.

10. Prudence. A virtue traditionally embodied by Capricorns.

11. Patience. See above.

12. Faun. A mythical creature that is half goat half human.

13. Onyx. Although there is a lot of controversy over starstones, Onyx is one that is mentioned quite frequently in connection to Capricorn. Ruby, Amber, Garnet, and Agate would also work as they are all associated with Capricorn.

I plan on doing this for all the signs this year! Hope you enjoy it!


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