Friday, March 29, 2013

Name Round Up: Very Unique Virtue Names

There are lots of virtue names. Grace, Serenity, and Joy are common staples. Prosper, Noble, and Sage have been getting a lot of attention amongst name enthusiasts. To a lesser degree so have Bravery and Courage. I always like thinking up new ones.

Here's a few unusual virtue names that I love, although most of these might be more appropriate as a middle name:

1. Eloquence. I first saw this one back in the Chinese Orphans post and it stuck with me. Eloquence is the art of elegant or persuasive speaking.

2. Radiance/Radiant. Although it could also be referring to radiation, if someone is radiant it usually means that they're bright and cheerful.

3. Steadfast. Resolutely firm and unwavering. I do like it for a person, although it sounds like we could also be talking about a horse.

4. Piety. This could mean religious devotion, spirituality, or humility.

5. Gravitas. A serious and dignified demeanor. I like it even though it's a bit...heavy.

6. Benevolence. Benevolence is either an act of or a general inclination towards charity. You can always shorten it to Ben.

7. Fortitude. Courage in pain or adversity.

8. Wonder. To think or speculate curiously.

9. Silence. This one is actually an old Puritan one. This one might be off-putting for some people, it suggests passiveness. However, there are times in which it's better to stop and listen. Silence is golden for a reason.

10. Revere. I can't remember, but I think Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child mentioned that had Reverie been a boy Revere would have been his name. It also brings Paul Revere to mind. Revere is the act of showing devotion or honor to someone or something.

11. Forbearance. Serenity of mind under provocation.

12. Passion/Passionate. Very strong feelings for a person or a thing. It could be read as sexual, but obviously there are other things to be passionate about.

13. Mirth. Another word for happiness or joy.


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  1. Some great ideas here - particularly Eloquence, Radiance and Gravitas.

    The royal family Robin Hobb's "The Farseer Trilogy" novels are a good example of not-your-usual virtue names. Chivalry is my favourite, but other interesting ones are Shrewd, Verity (for a male), Desire and Regal.

  2. One more unusual virtue name that I like is Comfort, for a girl.


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