Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Zisanda is a lovely name from Africa, and that's all I can tell you etymology-wise. But that's not why I'm posting about it.

I learned about this really late, but from March 29th to April 27th a campaign of South African Pagan Rights is holding 30 Days of Advocacy Against Witch-Hunts. When most people talk about The Burning Times they're referring to the witch-hunts of the Middle Ages. But what many people don't realize is that The Burning Times include today.

Witch-hunts are still carried out in Africa, India, The Philippines, South America, and parts of the United States just to name a few. Some of them are carried out by disturbed individuals. Others are supported by the governments of their respective regions.

Which brings us to little Zisanda. Zisanda Ntleki, along with her mother and a sibling, was burned to death in South Africa for being a "Witch" on January 1999. But she is by no means the only one. The estimated number of children in Africa that have been tortured, killed, or abandoned for being suspected of being a Witch is over 15,000. Many were punished as infants.

People, this nonsense must come to an end. There are all of these wonderful resources and articles compiled on Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, so please take the time to look over them. Donate money if you can. Pray or cast spells if you can't.

Goddess knows I have a lot of names waiting for profiles, but in honor of this campaign I'm going to try to include some names of those lost during The Burning Times. Because these people had names that someone whispered lovingly into their ears when they were babies. The least we can do is remember them.


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  1. What a lovely name - what an awful story! I'll join you in praying for tolerance.


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