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Very Late Baby Name Advice Part 2: Baby Leonardis

I have another request for baby name advice and this one is for a little Leonardis. This baby is due on March 12, so I'm still on time!

The sex of the baby is unknown, but it doesn't really matter because the family has a preference for unisex names. The parents are hobo style travelers (he hops freight trains, she hitch hikes) so a name with a sense of adventure is key. Because the baby will be a Pisces, Mama Leonardis is also looking for water names. She prefers the first, middle, and last names to all have a different amount of syllables. Here are the names that they like so far:


So far the winner is Farren because it rhymes with the mother's name (Lauren) and it means "traveler" (more on that later), but she has a hard time finding middle names to fit.

They're lifestyle is so fascinating! Their adventurous ways made me immediately think of Venture, Meander, Wilde/Wilder, Sojourner/Sojourn, Journey, and Odyssey. Venture Leonardis. Journey Leonardis. Meander Leonardis. I've even seen Traveler used as a name, but perhaps that's a little too obvious.

Peregrine/Peregrin also sprung into my mind very quickly. It means "pilgrim." Peregrine Leonardis. Pippin is a variant, if you don't mind the hobbit association. Rumer could also work, as it references pilgrims going to Rome. Rumer Leonardis. Rover means "wanderer," if you can get over the dog association. Wallace/Wallis means "foreigner." Mercury is a god of travelers, and even though he's a man the -ee sound at the end would make it okay for a girl. Or how about Atlas? I think a family like yours could pull of Atlas on a girl.

It might also help to look at famous explorers for inspiration. Kit (Carson), Meriwether (Lewis), and Osa (Johnson) are ones that seem a bit more unisex.

Ocean makes me think of River. River Leonardis. Or Mariner, Harbor, Cove, LakeRain, Delphin ("dolphin"), Kai ("sea"), Marlowe ("drained lake"), Afon ("river"), Dacre ("trickling stream"), and Morgan ("sea warrior"). Delphin Leonardis. Harbor Leonardis. Afon Leonardis. Mako (like the shark) could be interesting. Horizon is also lovely. Faro means "beacon" or "lighthouse," technically not water related but close enough. Faro Leonardis.

It seems like you enjoy unusual virtue names in general. Silence and Surrender make me think of Revere, Resolute, Prosper, Concord, Valor, Peace, Bravery/Brave, Courage, Merit, Freedom, and True. Prosper Leonardis. Freedom Leonardis.

Another name that rhymes with Lauren is Claren. Claren Leonardis. Koren, Oren, and Maren also come to mind. Or how about just Wren? Wren Leonardis.

Asa is a style outlier as it doesn't appear to have anything to do with travel or water. It's an Old Testament name, but it's also a name found in several African cultures, Japan, Indonesia, and Portugal. I'm not sure what to make of it honestly. In any case some names with a similar style are Avi, Noa, Levi, Kaya, Mose, and Zev.

But to be honest, I have a strong suspicion that Lauren already knows the baby's name: it's Farren. I've done some research and found that Farren/Faron is an Old English name meaning "handsome servant" and could have possibly been an old occupational surname for people who herded oxen. I was concerned that I was going to have to break the news that the favorite name doesn't mean what Mama thinks it means. But then I saw that Farren/Faron could also be a variant of Faramond, an Old English boy's name meaning "traveler's protection." Faramond might also be a possibility. Faramond Leonardis.

Still, I'm pretty certain that Farren is the baby's name. She just hasn't found the right middle name. Part of the problem might be the desire to have all the names containing a different number of syllables. It's a bit too stringent a requirement in my eyes. Let's try it out by saying this name out loud:

Farren Rumer Leonardis

...Sounds perfectly fine to me. Here are some other combos:

Farren Bravery Leonardis
Farren Cove Leonardis
Farren Mercury Leonardis
Farren Journey Leonardis
Farren Peace Leonardis
Farren River Leonardis
Farren Zev Leonardis
Farren Gypsy Leonardis
Farren Prosper Leonardis
Farren Odyssey Leonardis

Here's more combos with other first names:

Noa Faramond Leonardis
Peregrine Kai Leonardis
Faro Horizon Leonardis
Gypsy Afon Leonardis
Prosper Avi Leonardis

The more combos I make the more it feels like Farren is THE name. So, Mama Leonardis, I hope this helped.

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  1. Wow! I Love your creativity! The fact that "word" names are becoming so much more popular & accepted is of great joy to me! I am in the midst of changing my own name. I have hated my name since I can remember. I'm also adopted, so that plays into it as well. So I too have been looking into "word" names. Enough about me! I chose my favorites for the future little Farren & have come up with these potentials :) I hope you & Farren's mom and dad like one or more. You mentioned something about the amount of syllables, and I have heard that if a first name has 2 syllables, then the middle should not have the same amount of syllables, that 3 or 1 syllables flow more nicely. However, I'm sure some of the names I made for you will probably have a 2 syllable middle name. K, here they are:

    Farren Wilde Leonardis - Love this one! (when I quote it in my head, I do not say the last name, only the first and middle).

    Farren Odyssey Leonardis

    Farren Venture Leonardis

    Farren Peregrin(e) Leonardis

    Farren Rumer Leonardis

    Farren Gypsy Leonardis

    Farren Rover Leonardis

    Farren Wallis Leonardis

    Farren Harbor Leonardis

    Farren Lake Leonardis - Love this one!

    Farren Morgan Leonardis - like this a lot.

    Farren Horizon Leonardis

    Farren Valor Leonardis

    Farren Brave Leonardis - Love this one!! again, sounds like "fair & brave"

    Farren True Leonardis - this sounds a lil like "fair & true" :)

    Farren Kaya (pn; KIE-uh) Leonardis - this one flows like one, FarrenKya

    Farren Zev Leonardis

    I am sooo glad I found your awesome website! I will be joining immediately, my current online username is "Whimsy-Bohème Willoughby". My last online "handle" was Jiinxsay Wilde. I look fwd to enjoying more of your site, as I have yet to visit a Pagan site. I'm very interested in learning more about Wicca. shhh, don't tell my old priest that I grew up with LoL. signed, ???


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