Sunday, December 1, 2013

Name Round Up: Many Different Doras

It's the holiday season! A time in which we are thinking about getting gifts for our loved ones. So it's the perfect time to look for some gift-related names.

It should come as no surprise that I love Dora names. Dora is Greek for "gift." Dora is used as a standalone name nowadays, but traditionally it is more of a nickname for an infinite number of other names.

I'll admit that I've never actually read any source in which, say, Musidore is referenced as an official name. But I figured that since there is a Theodora and a Theodore, a Isadora and a Isadore, that it is not an illogical assumption to think a Musidore has existed somewhere. I only did that a few times on this list. Even if it has never existed and I just invented it, I love it anyway.

So here are some great Dora names to choose from:

Adora/Adore. "A gift."

Aldora/Aldore. "Winged gift."

Amadora/Amador. "Gift of love."

Apollodora/Apollodorus. "Gift of Apollo."

Artemidora/Artemidoros. "Gift of Artemis."

Callidora/Calidore. "Gift of beauty."

Cleodora/Cleodore. "Gift of glory/pride/fame."

Diodora/Diodorus/Diodoros. "Gift of Zeus."

Dionysodora/Dionysodoros. "Gift of Dionysus."

Eldora. In reference to El Dorado.

Elladora. Invented smoosh-name.

Eudora. "Good gift."

Floradora. Most likely an invented smoosh-name.

Heliodora/Heliodoro/Heliodoros. "Gift of the sun."

Isadora/Isidora/Isidore/Isidros/Isadoro. "Gift of Isis."

Leodora/Leodoro. Variants of Leander meaning "lion of a man."

Medora. Variant of Medea, possibly meaning "to ponder" or "cunning."

Menodora/Menodore. "Gift of the moon."

Metrodora/Metrodore. "Gift of the city."

Musidora/Musidore. "Gift of the muses."

Nymphadora/Nymphadore. "Gift of the nymphs."

Olympiodora/Olympiodoros. "Gift of Olympus."

Pandora. "All gifts."

Plutodora/Plutodore. "Gift of wealth." Might be invented.

Salvadora/Salvador. "Salvation." Usually in reference to Jesus.

Theodora/Theodore/Teodora/Teodoro/Pheodora/Pheodore/Feodora/Feodore/Dorothea/Dorothy. "Gift of God."

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