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Name Consultations:

A Character for TigerLily
Character Names for Desert Dawn
A Girl Named Thistle
A Magickal Name for Wendy
A Name for the Son of Tanya H.

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2012 Winner
2012 1st Runner Up
2012 2nd Runner Up
2011 Winner
2011 1st Runner Up
2011 2nd Runner Up
2011 3rd Runner Up

Name Round Ups:

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Favorite Girls Names that Sound Like Boys Names
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So You Think You Can Dance
Spirit Animal Round Up: Owl
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Witchitizing Disney Princesses
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Opinion Pieces:

Bad Names
My Style: Worldy Strega
A Response to "What Your Child's Name Says About You"


"Get Enchanted at Bewitching Names" - Waltzing More Than Matilda