Sunday, March 9, 2014

Changes for Bewitching Names

No I'm not dead. I was just taking a break. I have some life issues to deal with.

After thinking about it for a few months, I've decided that this blog is going to go through a bit of an overhaul. Here are some changes that you might see here.

1) I'm going to try turning off the comments for a while (except, of course, for the "Request a Name" section). This is because I am so sick of dealing with the spam. Seriously, it seems like every other comment is about bank loans and it's just exhausting going through and deleting them all. I'm very sad about this as I've enjoyed most of the commenters here. Maybe I'll bring it back in the future.

2) I am slowly going to be revisiting and rewriting past posts. Yay!

3) I know that the pretty images is one of the things that made this blog popular, but I am going to start replacing them with something that has less copyright issues attached to them. I'll make sure that they're still pretty cool images.

I hope to get at least 5 post per month, and hopefully you'll enjoy the new stuff here. Until then, blessed be.

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