Monday, February 6, 2012

Place Your Requests Here!

There has been a lot of confusion as to how to request names on this blog. Clearly, there needs to be a better way to do this. So I'm going to put a link of this post on the sidebar, and you can submit requests at any time right here. M'kay?

So if you want to profile a specific name, all you have to do is write it in the comments. If you want naming consultation, I need a bit more information.

For advice on a magickal name, I would need answers to the following:

1. What type of path are you on? (Gardnerian Wicca, Stregheria, Druidism, etc.)
2. Where would you like to go with your practice?
3. What types of names do you like? (Celtic, Egyptian, invented nature combinations like Silverfaun, etc.)
4. What names have you considered before and dumped? Why?
5. Do you intend on going by this name in your mundane life, or is this for magickal purposes only?

For advice on the name of a new baby, I would need answers to the following:

1. What will be the child's last name? I don't need to know specifically, I just need to get the general idea of what it sounds like (for example, if your last name is Croix, you can say, "It rhymes with 'soy'").
2. Do you have other children? If so, what are their names?
3. What types of names do you like?
4. What names have you considered before and dumped? Why?

Answers to name consultations would be posted on the blog unless you specifically say that you want to keep it private.

Hope this helps and request away!


  1. Hello Isadora!

    I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I have commented on it. First off, I just wanted to say you're doing a great job, and to keep up the good work.

    Now, as for my request. I would like if you could, please, to do a profile of the Irish name Saoirse (pron. Sare-sha or Seer-sha). I have done some research on it, but as you seem to do much more thorough research than I can, I would like to see what you can dig up on it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a great day!

  2. I would love to hear what you have to say about the name Tabitha!

  3. Could you profile the name Felicity? It's our current favorite for a July baby and I love your posts.

  4. I don't have any specific ideas in mind, but I'd love to see more Egyptian names.

  5. Could you profile the name Livana? It is supposedly Hebrew for "white moon", but I haven't been able to find out much more information than that. I love your blog, I was interested in paganism a while ago and am beginning to be pulled back to it.

  6. I would really love to see the name Seraphina (or Serafina) up here. This blog is amazing by the way.

    1. Seraphina is the feminine variation of Seraphim, which has already been profiled here. It is listed in the Princes section.

  7. Hello
    I just love your blog and I will certainly check it from now on. Ițm in a kind of hurry and Ițm trying to find a name for a magical character . Her traits are that she is a dreamy person ,a very superstitios one,an intuitive one , and since you are a HP fan is kind of a mixture between sybill and Luna lovegood. Except that is more exccentric and more prophetic. So neither Luna or sybill seemd to match ,i also thought at Ilah [eye-luh[;maya;nymphadora;ruby . But nymphadora seemd to heavy and other names simply didn`t match the specificall type of native gifted girl who is very kind in her own excentric way and I already use the name Lilly for somebody else . She wants to have friends ,it's isolated and it's ussually afraid of common beliefs but fights against them for a noble cause and even fights with her own emotions. That beeing said I apologise for the bad english and wait for your answer .
    Have a good day !

  8. Nice Blog :) Any background on the name Jameson besides, "Son Of James" Thanks.

    We just named one of our pups Jameson and the other Oberon. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  9. I was wondering if you could profile the name Enid?


  10. Phoebe! i am surprised she isn't on your list!

  11. Hi! I need help picking two names for Harry Potter characters in fanfiction. Basically they are the new Mauraders, the group created by Harry's father. I have Antimony Imbolc, a werewolf and Faolán Lughnasdh, the Sirius Black of the group. I need a female traitor and a male sort of like James Potter in personality. I want to use the celtic season festivals as their last names. Quickly as possible please :)

  12. Hi! I can't find my name anywhere. I was wondering if you could do something on it? It's Breifne. (Brehf-knee)

  13. I was wondering if you can profile the name Persephone.

  14. Abraxas - This one is particularly interesting.. The Etymology of it is very ..complex; so if you choose to review this one be prepared to spend at least a few hours on the research.

    Other suggestions: Foxglove (the flower) and Omega (Yes - Omega used as a name.. I personally think it would make a terrific choice)

  15. My mum met someone named aslan recently, could you do a profile on it? I love your blog by the way :3

  16. I came to recommend Persephone and its already on the list so I would like to second the suggestion.

  17. I would like to hear about the name Amber please :)its my name.

  18. Hi, I wanted to first say I love your blog. I've always been facinated with strange and bizarre names. Probably because I have the most cookie cutter name there is, Emily. Though everyone calls me Emzley.
    Anyway I'm leaving this comment to ask a huge favor. I'm writing this connective book series about in old tired beaten genre, werewolves. I like the werewolf stories because well I'll be honest you never hear of a werewolf with the name Jill or Pam.
    I've gotten all of my main couples except one set and it's the last of the six stories that I'm working on so far. They are, in order:
    Alpha of Darkness
    An Alpha's Mistake
    Omega Alpha
    A Luna's Silence
    Doctor Alpha
    Check Mate!
    The last story Check Mate! is the story that I'm having trouble with naming the characters and it's getting really frustrating! Names are usually my thing but no matter what I find or try nothing seems right. I'm the type that can go through multiple name changes in a story until the character has their name. Since you seem to share the same love for names I was wondering if you might be able to help.
    The story is about a shifter that is the last shifter on record even though she really isn't the last. All the other shifters have gone into hiding to escape the crazy Werewolf Council. So the shifter girl has really become sort of a pet to the council and they won't leave her alone. They try to control her but can't.
    She's also a dancer that belongs to a traveling company. This is how she meets the main boy. Her company comes to perform in a small skiing town in the Vermont. He is of course the Alpha but he's always stayed out of Werewolf Council politics. Even though he hates them and their rule he's never of fighting them until he met the shifter girl.

    So do you think you can help me with their names? In case you do I'll gve you the names of the other couples so that you won't repeat any of the names. In book order they are,
    Mimzy Roux and Dante Desoto
    Lovella Galligan and Rafe Williams
    Chrysanthemum Salvatore and Merrik Lennox
    Vixen Canadair and Leo Rhodes

    As you can see I'm not opposed to the odd and unusual. Thanks in advance if you do.

  19. Hey Isadora! First of all, I love your site-it's so much fun!

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could profile the name Minerva. I seem to see Athena all over the place, but Minerva doesn't get much love.

    Thanks in advance!

  20. How about Briar? My SIL likes it for a son.

  21. Could you profile the name Fern, please?

  22. I would love to see you profile Antigone and Samara. :) I do so love your posts.

  23. Hi. I don't really know wjere to start so I'm just going to answer your questions above. I'm really kinda new to "paths" so I don't even know. I like a wide variety of names just as long as they have a special meaning to me. I'm a scorpio. Born in november during the sunset. Have considered again a wide range of names like ophelia but have hesitated because I want a freash start. I'm legally changing my name in a few months really don't know what direction to go in. I'm taking a different last name from my family tree and theres a whole of different sounds spellings etc. If you could direct me to any names you think might be good that would be amazing. If you need anything else just say so. A really bad period in my life started about five years ago (family issues) and since my mother never really thought much about my name (literally just flipped to random page in a book and pointed it out) I've decided the best thing to do is change it. But i'm not sure what would be the right choice.

  24. Hello, first I wanted to say that your blog is lovely, I love the idea of it, certainly one of my favorites. Also I'd like to ask if you could profile the name Lyra, I'm having a spring baby (a girl) and I love the name, my husband loves it too so why not? I know how it's supposed to be pronounced in English but where we come from, it's pronounced as "Leera".

  25. Just wondering if you could profile the name Lethe, I'd choose the pronunciation 'LEE-thee/LEE-thie.' I know it's the river of oblivion/forgetfulness in Hades, but I would love any other information and opinions you have on it!
    Thanks in advance--

  26. Could you do a profile of my favorite witch name Ginevra? I loved it ever since I first saw in Harry Potter. Ginevra Weasley Potter nicknamed Ginny, Ron's younger sister, is one of my favorite characters, although I love them all so much. Please do a profile of this name. Thanks!

  27. Hello!
    I'd be delighted if you wrote about my name - Saga.
    Lovely blog! :)

  28. Does Blossom feature in your bewitching names?

  29. Hello,

    I love your blog! I came across it in my search for names for my second baby, due in early December. Could you help us with ideas? We have one daughter, Pepper Karen (after her grandmother) Pnina (her Hebrew name) Albertine (a French name to honor my mother's Parisian origin). Our last name rhymes with 'almond'.

    I don't know the baby's gender, but am searching for names that resonate with the themes I've been drawn to in this pregnancy-- gentleness, plants, and the high desert in which we live. I think it important that the name have a connection to nature. We thought a lot about Fox, but I think it too playful and wily for the gentle baby growing inside me.

    Thanks in advance for your help, Chloé.

  30. I love your blog - I was researching Iniki, the Hawaiian name of the hurricane I experienced the piercing winds of while living in Hawaii.
    My birth name is Dionne
    I've dreamed of the name Alia
    Alia is my spiritual name.
    Interested in any comment you may have as you are very insightful.

  31. First of all, I think your blog is brilliant. Thank you for the obvious effort you put in to it.
    I am looking in to names for a baby, The gender isnt known yet but I sort of prefer unisex names or names that you could change a couple letters in to make fit either gender anyways so that doesnt really matter.
    My last name is Leonardis, I want the first and middle and last to all have different syllables.
    The babydaddy and I met traveling, hobo style. He hops freight trains and I hitch hike. So having a name that means traveler in some way is important to me.
    Also, the baby is due on March 12, making it a Pisces, so I have been looking at ocean and water related names.
    So far these are some names I like, Farren or Faron, Asa, Ocean, Silence, Surrender, Gypsie or Gypsy, Thorn...
    None of them seem to fit quite right though. I think Im most fond of Farren, It rhymes with my own name, Lauren and it means 'traveler'.. But it doesnt seem like any middle names really fit with it.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hello, Isadora!
    I LOVE your blog!
    I was wondering if you could pretty please profile the name Hamsa.

  34. Hello! I was wondering if you could profile the name Gwendolen?

  35. Gostaria de saber o significado do nome YOHANN? Obrigado!

  36. Hello! Could you please profile the name Violet?


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