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Name Round Up: Names for the Number 7

I did 13 Names for the Number 13, and I've profiled Seven twice. But what if Seven just isn't your style? It's the seventh day of the seventh month, so here are some names that have something to do with the number seven. Should I just stick with seven instead of going up to thirteen? ...Nah!

1. Sabbath. In the Bible, God created the world in seven days. He rested on the seventh day which is when the Sabbath is. If you want to be more Pagan you could use Sabbat, but then it becomes an "8" name.

2. Jubilee. Another Biblical reference as well as a Jewish one, The Jubilee occurs at the end of seven year cycles and deals with property rights.

3. Wonder. Out of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, only one still exists (the Pyramids of Giza). But the existance of the others were recorded in Hellenic travel guides.

4. Atlantis. This legendary city consisted of seven islands.

5. Rhymer. In the British folktale, Thomas the Rhymer lived in the Faerie Kingdom for seven years.

6. Cuchulainn. This mythical Irish hero is heavily associated with the number seven. Each of his hands has seven fingers, each foot has seven toes, and he has seven pupils in each eyes. He was seven years old when he recieved his first weapons and defeats an army.

7. Nana. A Japanese girl's name meaning "seven." This may be to grandma-ish for Westerners, but it is a well used name in Japan.

8. Remedy. There is an old, traditional belief that the seventh son, or the seventh child, or the seventh son of a seventh son has special healing powers and clairvoyance. I have read that Doctor was a first name given to seventh sons in parts of Europe for this reason, but Remedy would be a more contemporary option.

9. Sage. There are seven sages in both Hindu and Chinese mythology.

10. Bond. As in James Bond, a.k.a. 007.

11. Ginny. Speaking of magical seventh children, Ginny is the seventh Weasley child from the Harry Potter series.

12. Pleiade. The Pleiades are a group of stars also known as "The Seven Sisters." In Greek mythology, they are the daughters of Atlas.

13. September. July may be the seventh month of the year now, but when the Romans started the calendar, September was the seventh month. The word actually means "seven."


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  1. Jubilee, Rhymer, Remedy, Sage and Bond (a stealthy virtue like Will) are my favourites.
    Remedy is the best though, so full of life! ^^


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