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Because the weather is very grey here, I felt inspired to profile this name.

The word grey comes from Old English but it is ultimately derived from the Pre Germanic grisja. The word has always been in reference to the color. It can also be spelled gray, which is the dominant spelling in the United States. But I just prefer Grey, the dominant spelling in the United Kingdom, for a name.

Grey doesn't really get a lot of love as a color. Some consider it depressing or boring. But there are times in which grey can be a very beautiful color. Think of morning with fog amongst the trees or the buildings in a city. Grey coats on animals are quite lovely (grey horses are my favorite).

In Neo-Pagan culture, grey symbolizes the moon as well as balance and neutrality. Think of the term "grey area." Because it contains the extremes of both black and white, grey is the color of compromise. Grey is also associated with wisdom, which most likely comes from it's association with age. There is something elegant and dignified about the color as well. The human eye can differentiate between approximately 500 shades of grey. Not just 50. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

There is a Neo-Pagan namesake for this one. Grey Cat was the author of the book Deepening Witchcraft, and was an outspoken advocate for elders in the community. I highly doubt that Grey Cat was her name when she was born, but I couldn't find out what her original name was. She has recently passed away.

Grey/Gray has never been a common name in the United States, but I think that it has a chance. Grey/Gray is a surname, and surnames in the first spot are popular. Use of Grayson/Greyson has been increasing, and that has a wolf connection. I've also seen Graylin and Grayla suggested as girl's options.

If you would like a unique but refined name that has little change of inspiring any cuteness or nicknames, Grey can be a great option.


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  1. Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head in an aside - this name just reminds me of the book. Especially because of the Greybies phenomenon, where parents proudly announce that they conceived their child BECAUSE of the book! (ew gross, imagine your parents TELLING everyone that!)

    Stupid popular culture! ;)


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