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This name got some attention thanks to The Hunger Games. Let's take a look at it's more magickal associations.

Cloves are dried flower buds that come from a tropical plant native to Indonesia. They can also be harvested in India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Zanzibar. Clove trees can be recognized by their large leaves and red flowers. These flower buds were at one time one of the most valuable and expensive products in the world. Clove is derived from the Latin word clavus, meaning "a nail," because that's what the flower buds look like.

Cloves are most commonly used in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cooking as a spice. They have a very strong taste, so you never need a large quantity. Cloves are traditionally used in dentistry because they numb the mouth when you chew it. They can also be used to treat nausea and have been used as ingredients for perfume, cigarettes, and cosmetics. In Neo-Paganism, cloves are associated with prosperity, banishing, purity, and sensuality.

My first thought when I heard this name was actually a clove of garlic. That type of clove has a different etymology. It comes from the same source that the word "cleft" comes from, the Proto Indo European gleubh, meaning "to tear apart." Like the clove, garlic is a popular and strong-tasting ingredient for cooking, particularly in the Mediterranean. The plant is native to central Asia, but ever since the Ancient Egyptian era it has grown and eaten throughout the world. The bulb is what is typically used, but the plant is technically a flower.

Garlic has a strong association with protection. Thanks to contemporary pop culture, it is most well known for warding off vampires. But garlic has been used for protection against any kind of negative force. The plant is commonly used for exorcisms, and they were hung in door frames to protect the home. It is also believed to increase strength and endurance, which most likely comes from it's long history of medicinal use of treating nearly everything.

As previously stated, the name Clove was introduced via The Hunger Games. Clove is not a very nice character. And she doesn't last very long. And, needless to say, her name has never been a common one in the United States. But her name has some new fans. I adore unique nature names that haven't been used that much. It could also be used as a nickname for either Clovis or Clover. And hey, Clove is a better name than Garlic.


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  1. I'm strangely attracted to Clove. Feels like a slightly more serious and mysterious nature name to me, whereas Clover seems much more bubbly.

  2. I kind of adore this name - it's "see love"! How can you not adore that?


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