Thursday, March 17, 2011


So. It's Saint Patrick's Day. If you celebrate it, Happy Saint Patrick's Day. And if I sound unenthusiastic, it's because we Neo-Pagans have some very mixed feelings about the holiday.

That's not surprising, since Saint Patrick became a saint for driving the "snakes" (read Druids) out of Ireland. Many Neo-Pagans refuse to recognize the holiday because of this. However, if you walk up to a random American and ask, "Do you plan to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by going to church and thanking him for destroying a whole Pagan way of life?" the answer will probably be no. Unless you live in a very Irish neighborhood. No, most people use St. Patrick's day as a way to celebrate Irish heritage by engaging in random displays of public drunkenness. You're more likely to see decorations with leprechauns and rainbows than paper cut-outs of St. Patrick.

So what's a Witch to do on this day? Engage in some snake magick, of course. Snakes are sacred to Neo-Pagans, and particularly the Druids, due to their ability to shed their skin. The snake therefore symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Some Neo-Pagans have taken to pinning a snake accessory on their lapels, instead of wearing the traditional green "Kiss Me I'm Irish" badges. Snakey magick calls for snakey names for Neo-Pagan children born on this day as well.

Kundalini (pronounced "kun-dah-LEE-nee") is a Sanskrit name meaning "the coiled power." The name specifically refers to a type of yoga practice. Kundalani yoga is believed to release an energy that rests at the base of the spine, that is ordinarily curled up like a snake. The kundalini energy moves up the base of the spine. When it reaches the top of the head the practitioner experiences a mystical awakening.

As is common with incredibly unique names, I've only seen this listed as a girls name. For some reason it's more socially acceptable for girls to have unusual names than it is for boys. But there's nothing in the sound or the meaning that seems predominantly feminine, so I'm going to say that it's unisex.

I'm not going to lie, Kundalini would be a bold name for a baby. It's funny how a baby named Kabuki wouldn't feel out of step at all to me and yet Kundalini would. However, it would make a perfect magickal name for a Witch that loves yoga and/or our slithery friends.


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  1. I live in the Bible Belt, and while I'm not religious, I sure as hell don't know anyone who IS religious who goes to church on St Patrick's Day to "[thank] him for destroying a whole Pagan way of life." If they DO go to church on St Patrick's Day, it's not because of the holiday but because of a pre-scheduled event. Also, Christians don't recognize saints- that's the Catholics. And the Bible Belt is Christian.

  2. Catholics are Christian. But noted. There are other types of Christianity that are more prominent than Catholisism in the Bible Belt. I'll change it to say, "very Irish neighborhoods." Because I went to Ireland, and oh my God. Everyone wonders why I didn't enjoy that trip so much. I don't know, maybe it was the constant digs against my religion.

  3. Thanks. I love your blog because you're usually very pro-Wiccan, not anti-other religions, but that comment seemed out of place. And you're right- Catholicism is under the umbrella of Christianity, but they are two very distinct beliefs (you went to Ireland- I'm sure you saw that there, even!). Here in the Bible Belt, it's Christianity, not Catholicism, that's practiced most prominently. And THEY only go to church to socialize, show off their casseroles, and burn Qur-ans. ;)


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