Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Don't believe everything you read. You've heard this before. But it's equally true for baby name books. For example, I have a baby name book called The New Age Baby Name Book. It has some interesting suggestions and for the most part I like it. But it has this description for Quirin (pronounced "KEER-in"):

"The quirin stone." Exact origin unknown. The quirin, also known as the traitor's stone, is a magic stone said to be found in the lapwing's nest. According to legend, when placed on a sleeping person's head, the stone causes him to reveal his innermost thoughts.

Well, I have to tell you, I've looked all over the place for a Quirin stone myth, or traitor's stone myth, and there isn't one. There is no Quirin stone. It would be awesome if there was, but no.

And Quirin's meaning is anything but unknown. It's the German variant of Quirinus, a Latin name meaning "spear." Quirinus is a god that was important to the Sabine people, that was later mashed together with Mars. It's the name of several saints, for crying out loud.

All that aside, is Quirin a good name for today's little boys? It does have a similar sound to some currently popular boys names: Jayden, Soren, Aiden...Quirin. It doesn't seem like a stretch to me.

No matter what it means Quirin is a cool name for a boy, and look! It's the first "Q" name on this blog! And if anyone can prove that the story about a magic stone that shows people's thoughts actually exists, feel free to tell me.

The New Age Baby Name Book by Sue Browder

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  1. I think this could go over well, but it'd probably by misspelled Ciaran/Kieran alot, since they're pronounced kinda-similar. I like the name alot!

    Is it really the first Q-name on here?? Huh. Guess there aren't alot of Q-names. There IS Quetzalcoatl, but that's a little less wearable than Quirin. lol.

  2. Quirin is my dad's name (it was his father's) and the pronunciation is least in my family. I'm due any day now and this will be my son's middle name (if we have a boy). :-)


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